Exclusive representation

For our exclusive projects we successfully integrate specialized consultancy, personalized marketing and the negotiation skills.


Setting the correct listing price of a property and the right marketing strategy takes a detailed and complex analysis of several factors, such as: similar properties in the area, available in the same market parameters, the trading value of similar properties during the last quarter / year, economic conditions (taxes, seasonality, popularity of the area), information about the interest of buyers for this type of property, etc.

In addition to the classic promotion, we invest in a marketing strategy that streamlines both the time involved in preparing the property and the trading time. We identify that distinct element that gives uniqueness to your property, we emphasize its strengths (home staging, photo shoot with professional photographer, virtual tour, recommendation of an interior designer), we carry out targeted marketing campaigns and we look for reliable collaborations through other real estate agencies.

Your safety and discretion are important to us. The experience we have gained in years of activity in this field qualifies us to make a good selection of potential buyers. Your dedicated consultant will provide you with accurate information about the clients' interest in the property.

We will periodically submit a report of our activity related to your property, feedback from potential customers, so you will be informed if there are significant changes in the market that could influence the trading price, or other opportunities.

Do you need help? Do you need help?